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8 Apr 2005
Totalidea Software has released a tweaking package for Windows Vista called TweakVI, which will allow you to tweak Vista without muddling through the registry. There is a free version with a few tweaking options, but they also offer a more powerful, yearly-subscription based edition.

The site only mentions 32bit, doesn't say anything about 64 bit so I'm not really sure.
The site only mentions 32bit, doesn't say anything about 64 bit so I'm not really sure.
Does TweakVI work on Windows Vista x64?
TweakVI was designed for the 32bit editions of Windows Vista. For technical reasons, and for restrictions of the 64bit version of Windows Vista, TweakVI does not officially support that version of Vista. The RAM Drive driver for example does not support and will never support 64 bit systems due to restrictions by Microsoft.
You may want to install and run TweakVI on Windows Vista x64, but since TweakVI does not officially support 64bit systems, we are unable to offer support in case you run into trouble with TweakVI running on 64bit systems!
does :)

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