Tweaking Experience 2.1 Released


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The Tweaking Experience 2.1

Hi All or better Tweakers ;-)

Yes I'm Back!

Since a long time I was planned to release The Tweaking Experience 2.1 today. But I found some mistakes. I'm now correct these mistakes and I will release it in a few days. This new release have more then 30 new tweaks. So stay's worth to wait.



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maybe a stupid question, but what is the tweaking experience?

and dont tell me that no one can be told what the tweaking expereience is. you have to see if for yourself ;P


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Will you have to uninstall the first one (2.0) before installing 2.1? Or will it see the old one uninstall on it's own then install or overwrite new one?

Inquiring minds want to know. :D


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The Tweaking Experience 2.1 is now available

Today I released version 2.1 of the Tweaking Experience.

The Tweaking Experience 2.1 is a downloadable help guide that provides scores of tips on how to configure and tweak Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 and Mobile/Pocket PC Tweaks.

One of the beauties of this help guide is that it's filled with images that show you what to do.

The Tweaking Experience 2.1 is now available!

Have Fun!


Download: The Tweaking Experience 2.1


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*Runs home to download*

Maybe I'll put it on the work computer also. Freak out the boss when he uses it and it runs faster, better, different... TWEAKED! :p


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Thanx for the info. This is a good guide :)

[edit]I just downloaded this and have to say that it is better than the last. IT's cool you have reg entries so you can just click to apply them. That makes it alot easier. Great job ...[/edit]


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everytime I download it, it takes like 2 seconds and it's like 5.8 megs or something, so that doesn't make sense


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Cant install v 2.01

I've v 2.0 installed on the pc & dont know how to uninstall it ... ( nothing in the " Add/Remove " section nor in the software's folder in the Start Menu )
V 2.01 " refuses" to be installed due to the existence of the previous version
What shall I do ????

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