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Arte et Marte
Have in my possession TWEAK-XP PRO 2.0.1 - Ive had a look at whats inside, but IS it actually up to the job an worth running (have accumulated enough garbage from sources)?

Perris Calderon

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sorry guys, I hate this program

there are very easy waysw to do anything of value in this program, and alot of the things mentioned on that page have no value.

I hate this program, but I do know alot of people like it, so carry on with whatever you feel is most convenient

Dirk Diggler

X-Setup by x-teq is the best bar none. Over 1,000 tweaks and more available by the week.

Electronic Punk

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Gotta agree Dirk, takes a long time to go thru everything x-setup has to offer, and of courseunlike tweak-xp the settings in can be chosen and are not just done for you.


I used to use the TweakXP prog 2-3 years ago but as Dealer an Dirk point out w/our very own tweak encylopedia an x-teq x-setup who needs it?


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
The tweak programs I use the most are xteq, registry robot (great little app with good explanations/tweak implementation), tweak ui, and an older version of tweakxp (not too fond of it since i'm not sure wth its doing sometimes...but useful for certain tweaks)

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