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Tweak-XP Pro 3.0.5




See what this program offers: the original Tweak®-XP Pro - unlike other tweaking utilities, Tweak®-XP Pro bundles more than 48 different utilities in one: it was developed to combine both tweaking and optimizing features to increase the speed of your Windows® XP system. With Tweak®-XP Pro v3 we have added lots of new useful features to improve the performance of your Windows® XP system.
Tweak®-XP Pro - The Premier Companion To Microsoft® Windows® XP: often imitated but never equalled.

Easy to use and full of tweaks - simply the best, the original Tweak®-XP Pro:

New features of Tweak®-XP Pro v3:
  • New ! Better performance - faster startup
  • New ! Virtual Desktops
  • New ! Auto-Wallpaper Changer
  • New ! Limit access to the taskbar, or parts of it
  • New ! Create desktop shortcuts to useful Windows functions
  • New ! Lots of additional Internet Explorer tweaks
  • New ! Lots of additional tweaks and features to existing sections
    • Additional 'Cache tweaks'
    • New 'Miscellaneous tweaks'
  • New ! Re-coded 'System Information' section
  • New ! 'Application Cool-Switch' configuration feature
  • New ! Improved PopUp Blocker
  • New ! Create Autostarts either for all users or the current user
  • New ! Password-Protect Tweak®-XP
  • New ! Registry Backup and Restore included
  • New ! Better RAM Optimization - now up to 512 MB
  • New ! RAM-Auto-Optimization every X minutes
  • New ! Completely re-designed and re-structured user interface
  • New ! Completely re-designed helpfile
  • New ! Completely re-designed and re-coded installer and uninstaller

Main features:
  • clean up your registry with Tweak®-XPs Registry Cleaner
  • create a RAM discdrive and load files as fast as possible
  • use Tweak®-XPs DiscDrive Doctor to detect and fix harddisc problems
  • backup your Microsoft software activations
  • view and inspect files in your Internet Cache folder
  • restrict access to your startmenu items
  • improve the readabilty of your monitor: ClearType™ configuration
  • don't let other people see what files you recently used: clear the 'Recent files' lists of lots of common programs
  • remote-shutdown your system
  • optimize and personalize your Windows® XP with just a few mouseclicks
  • tweak lots of hidden Windows® XP settings
  • customize the Windows® XP startmenu
  • tweak lots of desktop settings
  • make the Windows® XP taskbar transparent
  • enable several hidden performance options of Windows® XP
  • block internet banner ads
  • block Internet Explorer Pop-Ups
  • configure Outlook® XP security settings
  • check the integrity of ZIP files and repair them
  • create virtual discdrives
  • convert your compressed folders to selfextracting .exe files
  • tweak your CPU and display adapter
  • optimize the physical RAM of your machine
  • optimize the Windows® XP cache settings
  • optimize your Internet connection speed
  • censor the execution of applications
  • protect any folder on your harddisc and hide its content from Windows® Explorer
  • control what is started on Windows® startup
  • tweak your Internet Explorer
  • display the internet history files and remove them
  • rename hundreds of files just by one mouseclick
  • generate passwords
  • destroy files securely
  • find unnecessary files on your harddisc
For Windows® XP SP1 (Home / Pro) only!

Download: Here
HomePage: Visit


OSNN Junior Addict
question about tweak-xp pro

I used an earlier 2.x version, and found that I would encounter critical problems with my OS when using some of the most basic tweaks with it. I believe it was a 2.08 or something like that. Never bought it because of the problems I had with it. Is anyone familiar with this program that can tell me if this problem still exists, or can anyone recommend it and tell of their experiences?


It is always the same problem with this kind of tweak programs.

If you know what you are doing - you don't need it.
If you don't know what you are doing - better don't use it.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
/agrees with yoyo, but especially for this program...I've never liked this particular tweak program in particular...notice it even claims a memory optimization!!!


I changed the link, it was when I downloaded it I copied it from get right. I think at the host hey changed the file number so not for people to leech or something.

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