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3 Mar 2002
I was wondering if anybody knows of a way to make the default behavior of tray icons become always hide as opposed to hide when inactive?
Right click taskbar
In Taskbar Tab Click Customize Button at the bottom
Under behaviour for the icon you want to change click the behavior, and a drop down arrow appears
Select Always Hide
Click OK
Click OK
I think he wants to change the default behavior of every new system tray icon that is created to "Always Hide" rather than "Hide when inactive."
Haven't heard of a way to do this, though I'm sure there should be some reg key out there that should be able to change it.
netryder is correct. I want it to hide everything no matter what. Currently it defaults to hide when inactive. Its gotta be a reg key...
Fortunately, Windows XP gives you some control over which icons display there, so you can choose to only see the ones you deem worthy or useful.

To manage this area, simply right click the Taskbar, and choose Properties. In the Properties window that appears, on the Taskbar tab, check the box next to "Hide Inactive Icons" if it isn't already checked, and then click the "Customize..." button. That will bring up a window that allows you to choose one of three behaviors for each program icon that appears in the system tray: "Hide when inactive," "Always hide," or "always show."
grrrr *smacks o_87* read the thread! :p

want ALL tray icons always hiding by DEFAULT. Manually setting them to always hide is a pain, and they sometimes revert back to hide when inactive on their own!
Oops :p That post was made early morning, was still sleepy. Sorry :D
Is this thread going to be for requests or something now? If it is, I got one!

I was wondering how I can change the background to my folders and stuff, u know how its plan white most of the time, well yea I want to put a background in there. How can I do this?
Me seems the tweak author in this thread missed one essential step. Apart from the presence of the desktop.ini file the folder also has to have the "system" attribute.

Easiest way to do it is right click the folder, properties, customize, change the icon. If you like you can change the icon back later but we now have a desktop.ini file inside the folder and the folder has the required "system" attribute.
Now add these lines to the desktop.ini

IconArea_Image=P:\ath\to\your image

The last line determines the font color of the file names (for example 0x00000000 = black,0x00FF0000 = blue,0x0000FF00 = green,0x000000FF = red,0x00C000C0 = purple )

Alternatively you could create the desktop.ini from scratch and use the attrib +s command from a command window.

[Btw. describing this tweak had been my very first post at ( then) long time ago -- memories ;) :D ]

Leedog, sorry can't help with your tweak request. Don't think it is possible, but who knows...
Still confused, I added that and its still the one folder that is changed.
This is the desktop.ini file that I have in "My Documents"


IconArea_Image=Folder Settings\Background.bmp

IconFile=%ProgramFiles%\insert icon location here.ico

PersistMoniker=file://Folder Settings\Folder.htt


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