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Tweak for huge ram

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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allright, for those of you that have tons of ram.

xp will release the working set of programs when you minimize the program a little too aggressively for some of you...here's the solution.

it's a strategy designed for those with less ram, but microsft forsaw the design stretegic adjustment that needs to be made for people with an abundance of ram, and there is gui to prevent this...most users don't know about it.

if you do not want the working set to be released aggresively on minimization, here's the gui...pretty simple too, any number of these methods are fine, take your pick

1) launch the new window from the task bar without minimizing( I use my desktop folder, which is on my taskbar)

2)use windows key+d, and lauch from the desktop

3) launch from run.

4) anything you can think of that will launch a program without using the minimize will keep the working set allocation as if you are still on focus.

now, to switch windows that are allready launched, again, you can launch from the task bar without minimizing,

and this is probably new for most of you

hit alt+tab, use the arrows, and raise focus from here

this will "keep ram in programs launched" instead of releasing the working set.

those of you with 512 or less, you are probably faster letting windows release the working set on minimization, but there might be times you want instant access to some of your windows that are in the rask bar...now you know how to do it

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
also, when you want to leave a program launched, but don't expect to come back to it in a while, you SHOULD minimize the program.

this will cause an aggressive release of the working set, and ram will be put to more immediate use, speeding your box

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
recoil...this will work for you tons...there is a visual price, but slight.

with your amount of ram, you will love this.

right click the desktop, properties, settings, color.

if you're at 32 bit, go to 16 bit

you'll be tons faster, and you probably won't mind the visual price

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