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TVisto 3500

Firstly , I don't know whether this is the correct forum to go.
Anyway. anyone out there have Metal Galaxy's TVisto 3500 ?
I just received mine, but could not get it to work.Been trying to update the firmware but I can't.Everytime I turned it on it says no files even though if connected through usb you could see all the files here in the HD that I've copied.
Can someone help step by step on how to update the firmware.?
I followed what was written in the manual , but it doesn't seems to work.I even overwrote the old firmware files using pc but the older version is still there.I appreciate if someone could give me a hand before I get this thing soaked in my bathtub !:angry:


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What HD do u use? My guess is Western Digital? I had the same problem u described with WD HD. Replaced it with Seagate and problem disappeared. Hope it helps.

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