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TV Tuner question


Striking Master
I have a Winfast TV 2000 XP and with my Geforce FX 5200 (I know... crappy vid card), I have extended windows enabled so that the 2nd monitor is used for primarily the TV software.

I noticed with my old TV card (A Connexent 2688 I think it was... REALLY old, could only support Intervideo's WinDVR 2), I could only have the TV software on and if I god forbid open a game that used the whole screen... well... I pretty much would have to hard boot.

So Just now, I did a theory with my current TV tuner card. I am playing SpaceCowboy (spacecowboy.net) and the only option is to put it on full screen as far as I know. I can't play the game at the same resolution as my desktop because... well... you get the idea of the video card. I will assume the game runs in DX9 since it requires it. I tried playing SpaceCowboy and the TV on the 2nd moniter so that the game wasn't interfearing with it. Well... I got the game to run as well as the TV software..... but the TV software only plays the sound while I"m in game and not the video.

The Desktop is 1024x768
The 2nd moniter is 1024x768
When I play the game, it is at 800x600 for the main moniter but it doesn't seem like it is changing the 2nd moniter.

Sooo, any ideas or is this typical for TV Tuner's with a Game Software?

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