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Hey guys, you always seem to know everything...

My mom just bought an ATI TV-Wonder Pro (no remote) and I've been trying to set it up for her to record with the best quality but I can't stand the ATI program that come with it, do any of you know any better programs for the task at hand?

And while I'm at it; do any of you know any links to good VCD making tutorials? I'm not very good at the whole video editing and compression business...

Also is there a way to get the XP media center tv tuner program without having XP media center installed (I sort of like pro and will not change)? I saw it at Future Shop (Canadian Best Buy) and really liked it.

thanks in advance


DScaler would have been your choice if it had supported ATI-cards... it doesn't support All-in-wonder, but I guess it's the same crap.

Google for DScaler, shouldn't be much of a problem to find. They have a list of supported cards somewhere.

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