TV Tuner issue on new system


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1 Jun 2005
TV Tuner issue on new system (SOLVED)

If you are having problems with a TV Tuner and using a Sound Blaster X-Fi card, the problem will most likley be your Sound Blaster X-Fi card (Fatlity, Elite, Gamers Edition, etc). Creative has not solved the issue and it seems mostly that it involves problems between:
  • USB Ports
  • IRQ Sharing
  • ASUS Motherboards (Common)
  • Dell XPS
The only known solutions to tix TV Tuner and any other possible errors is to:
  1. Remove all USB connected devices and see if it works that way.
  2. Try using this link to see if it solves the issue
  3. If the above fail, Uninstall sound Drivers and anything Sound Blaster Related, remove Sound Blaster Card, and use either Onboard or another Sound Card of some sort that is either older Sound Card of Sound Blaster (non-X-FI) or another brand name sound card.
That is it. If you want more info, refer to creative's Forum posts
High-Pitch Noise
Crackle/Pop issue

Hey all,
I got a slight issue.
I transferred my TV Tuner (The WinFast TV 2000 XP Expert) over to the new system I got, but here is where there is an issue:
While the TV Tuner I know works, i'm not sure if it is a Sound Blaster issue or not or if anyone had this issue before, but I connect the audo to the Aux in and when I put on WinFast PVR, the Aux plays for like... 4 seconds and then precedes to do a high pitch hum noise in which the sound becomes stuck until I reboot. I checked as much as I could on google about this and it seems only one person has a sort of issue like that which no one responded to. I'm thinking it has something to do with the Card itself not liking the encode/decode and switches, but I am not sure. Can anyone help me with this issue so I can get TV back on my system?

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Any chance there is a micorphone connected and ON? If it is turn it OFF.

I used a Winfast 2000 (in storage right now) with a SB Live and never had an issue like that.

Stock answer with a new system is
-uninstall the devices (SB and Winfast) and reinstall following the instructions exactly (usually sound first then TV).
-If that doesn't work uninstall and install the TV and sound in the reverse order.

I never had a problem with my Winfast but my latest ATI AIW was pure hell for 3 months until everyone (ATI, SB, MB) got a compatible set of drivers out.
heh Thanks LeeJend, I can count on you for answers :) I'll be sure to try those suggestions and if it works, I swear I'm gonna hit myself for not thinking of an idea like that.
ok So I managed to get Vista to work with the drivers. However, I found instead of the high pitch noise, the sound just ceases to work.

In XP, I did as you said Lee and this time, I didn't install the Creative Products other than the driver onthe cd. It still makes the high pitch noise... but here is what I notice:
Out of curiosity, I turned off the Remote from the PVR settings and the sound lasts up to 30 seconds before I get the noise.

That is all.
Sounds like something is trying to grab the "channel" that the tv card is audio is locked to. First make sure there is nothing connected to the internal aux in on the sound card. Second, make sure Windows Sounds are turned off. Also, in Windows Mixer, try muting everything but "wave", "aux" and "master"
so I don't really get what you meant by the Windows Sounds are turnedoff, but anyway, it was working for 2 minutes as I tested just now by disabling all but the Wave, Aux, and Master (muting)

So it still does the high pitch sound. I guess we're getting closer to pinpointing this issue.
Vista? You didn't mention it was Vista...,VARSET=ws:

Looks like Creative have no plans to support their older (cheaper) products on Vista except for the SB Live 24 BIT version. It basically says everyone else can take a hike.

Have you tried using the WINFAST 2000 with on board sound?

PS Thanks for giving me one more reason to avoid Vista. :(

PPS Leadtek does have Vista 32 BIT drivers on their site. But they don't have a Vista specific version of their PVR software. Try the VISTA 32 BIT version if you have problems with your MB on board sound and leave off the PVR software at first.

Have I mentioned that I appreciate all you guys Alpha testing Vista for me. Another year or two and it should be ready to use. ;)
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actually LeeJend, I'm doing it on mainly XP since i know it worked on XP on the last system. I just tried it on Vista to see if it would work there which is why it isn't in the Vista General Hardware. I Figure if I can make it work on XP somehow, I can get it to somehow work on Vista.
Ok so here is another update I have done so far....
I tried an idea my dad told me about and I went to the website and got an older set of XP drivers to see if that would possibly fix it. Well it didn't unfortunatly. Instead, it created new problems. What did it do? Well, it seems it uninstalls the Sound Blaster drivers. Odd?
So I put it to a more recent version but not the recent drivers. I have e-mailed them and waiting a reply for the problem.

One other thing I tried just to make sure about, I tried setting the PVR software to use only one CPU Processor so I decided to make the 2nd processor be used. In the end, it seems like that didn't help it.

Any other ideas to try???
Try the on board sound. I know you don't want to use it, but if it does work it will confirm there is a SB-Winfast conflict, if it doesn't work it could be an issue like which mb slots the two cards are plugged into. A PCI conflict.

Also, make sure the on board sound is disabled when trying to use the SB.
ya Onboard is disabled. And your right, I don't want to use it butnot because that I have a SB card, but its because that Idon't want to screw the system up by enabling the onboard and having sound issues.
Well... I got an interesting e-mail. I had decided to contact customer support and they decided to let me test a newer WinFast PVR2. For about 30 min, I thought the problem was solved, and then the sound issue came back.

Here is some extra info... I couldn't get a game to run on my system so I decided to try and do the thing I did back on my laptop which was make a new user account and see if that can launch the game. TURNS OUT: When my father installed Windows XP Pro, it seems that it never gave him a prompt about what the first user account name shall be and all. So I've been logged on on the only account on the system which was the Administrator account.

So, it doesn't seem to be going right for me. I may try doing a fresh re-install of Win XP my way (the way I've learned from here on OSNN), but I would have a couple of questions reguarding it because the system also suffers some other problem that I didn't even realise until this morning. I'll post in a newer topic so that this stays on topic about that.
If you're running XP, a SBLive and Winfast 2000 PVR you should not be having problems. I ran that config for at least a year on one MB with an AMD 2500 Barton and for 3 months with an AMD 64 3500. Both setups used a 9800 PRO video card.

I hate reinstall as a soulution but it might be advisable at this point.
I checked on the Creative Discussion boards under a rather interesting 22 page topic of High Pitch noise. It seems that I must be the most luckiest with my sound card for the only simple fact that it seems all the issues point to X-Fi cards. I am going to try in a few hours to go ahead and take out the Sound Card like a few people said just to fully confirm this and if so, I guess I won't put it back in my system. So wait til then for my next post as a full response/ confirmation. I just hope the audio is good enough.
As for what I meant earlier about the luckiest, I mean that all my issues only go to a TV tuner while everyone elses can be TV Tuner AND game related. So its all fixed. I guess I shouldn't trust much from Creative anymore based on all the forum posts.

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