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tv tuner.. ideas?


Blame me for the RAZR's
ok my old rig is becoming a server/ media center. now im gona most likley put a new tv card in it and im trying to figure out what i want.

these are what i want from it.
1. A remote, i hate infared and would rather radio.. unless they have blue tooth ones yet.. i really like multi functionality on it and was looking at the ATI remote but i allready have a 9700 pro for the server.. a bit overkill for what i want it to do but maybe make it a secondary gaming machine one of these days too. cool options if there are any. Im mainly gona be watching tv shows allready in media formates outputed onto a tv this is the primary funtion of the media server. So a remote that can handle windows media player as well would be nice..

2. PVR capability. With decent record. i want this to be a home made tivo type thing.



Blame me for the RAZR's
hmm the elite is intresting. I allaready have a 9700 pro so id like to us it. just 143 seems a bity pricy (newegg the only place i will buy anymore). Any other ideas the remote is my big thing. The more i think about it the only funtions the media server will have will be PVR and outputting media files onto a tv. Im gona try to go with no monitor and just use a tv and a remote desktop connection for maint.

The other thing is will this software run on Windows server 2003? maybe i should go to media center.. hmm any ideas. I just have lots of plans for this server/media center.


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The remote will work regardless of the ATi product.

If you get the ati remote, it is RF and it has VERY good range.

My AIW 9700pro (currently for sale) has the original wonder, my new AIW x800XT has the remote wonder II. The remote wonder II is bigger and not quite as easy to use but it has a better "pointer" tool.

Buy the remote separately if need be.

If you must, you can always sell your 9700 pro and buy an AIW card. Thats what I did with my old 9700pro.
Just be carefull, the Remote wonders dont work with Media Center (RF vs. IR)

The wonder Elite has a WAY better encoder chip for better pic quality.

And also if you use a sat or cable box you'll need an IR sender.

I just went through trying to do the same thing with a cheap second comp that I bought, and found all these to be minor gliches, for me at least.

I also tried an AIW card, but just didn't like the software that came with it.

Good luck.

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