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Do you want internal? If you dont care I just got a Hauppauge usb HDTV tuner and man is it wonderfull I now get and record HDTV and the picture and recordings are beautiful. I was going to get a All in Wonder HD from Ati but I dont need it. If I had the space to host one of my recordings I would post it so you can download it. I may make a small recording so you can see the results.


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So I have heard. I was expecting more of a certain one, a version that everyone says is #1 or a version that everyone has heard of. Which do you recommend?


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1. I need it to be the higest possible HD quality in Sound & Video
2. It being a USB would be nice, but not needed.
3. Able to record HDTV as well as watch.
4. If possible, watch Cable and Satellite TV at the same time.

Price, well under $150 would be nice, but I can go higher then that.

This tuner seems to have a lot of connections and features, but is quite cheap... Is this good or bad?
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