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Hi! I recently purchased a TV Tuner card from KWorld (MCE 200 Deluxe). It works great, as far as I can tell. Here is the problem: the tv stations are fuzzy. I have digital cable, and I think my application (Intervideo Home Theatre) seems to work only with analog signals. Is there a different application I can use, or is this a limitation of the card itself? Any ways to improve reception?



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It's not digital anymore after it comes out of the cable box. It has to be analog then for the TV's to work.

My video in is fuzzy too, different card. Part of the problem is signal degradation between the cable box and the PC from the coax cable. The other part is the reconversion from analog to digital for use inside your computer. This is worse on the cheaper (<$200) cards.

To see if it's the cable from the cable box to the PC move the PC next to the cable box and use a short good quality cable. If it's not that then it's in the quality of the card.
Thanks. I took the cable out of my tnuer card and hooked it up my TV. Signal there was fine. My card was about $100, so I guess that is the problem

Thanks for the help.

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