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16 Jan 2004
Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for the question but here goes anyway. I want to burn all the episodes of lost to dvd but I'm not sure which piece of software would be best. The files are all .avi. I have some software ie: Nero 6.6, EasyCd Creator etc but I can't seem to figure out how to get more than one episode to dvd. Any suggestions ?


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25 Aug 2004
I think Nero has a program that will make video disks, but I think thats only for cds. Not sure exactly, I would like to know too.


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25 Jan 2003
If you have nero ultra 6.3 or higher.

Select DVD or CD/DVD at the top.
Select the Phot and Video Icon (center of the 5).
Select "Make your own video DVD" (you may need to scroll down to find it)
Drag and drop the AVI (and/or mpeg) onto the window at the right from explorer.
Drag and drop next episode from explorer (or use the add file option to the right).
and so on and so on.
When done (or full) stop adding tracks

Then hit next and you can modify the menus. You can also add chapter (short sections to jump around to inside a given episode) and much more if you explore the menu system.

Depending on the size the shows were compressed to you may only get a few episodes on a disk.

If you can't fit enough on one DVD to suit yourself then use a free tool like DVD shrink to compress the DVD files some more and re-burn. There are other tools to compress from the AVI's but that is like real work and they are not free.
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