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TV out?



I recently got a new Geforce 4 card from my friend with TV out, where can I get the cable to run from the card to the tv I guess?:p
You should be able to buy an S-video cable at any bestbuy, radio shack, circuit city etc.

What you might need to do though if you don't have a tv with a s-video imput is buy an s-video to RCa converter so that you can plug it into the standard yellow jack on your tv :)


Anyone know off the top of their head how much these cables are ?

Or if anyone can show me a pic so I know what im looking for, or perhaps a link !

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I bought this thing with all kinds of funky gold connections on, sadly I have to move my computer every time I wanna watch something, as it is a bit short ;) (ps it cost £15 and says Cinemax on it .. SVideo - to scart.)

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