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TV-OUT prob...



I was wondering if anyone has gotten a 19" TV to run with a 1024x768 res. Here is the lowdown, I recently bought a Inno3d GeForce 2 64megs w/ TV out. TV out worx wonderful, but since my current resolution for my Main display (CRT Monitor) is 1024x768, it does not fit on the TV. I have gone to the settings of the DRIVERS, and found the ability for only two resolutions, 640x480 or 800x600. Is there a way I can maybe tweak it to make it run at 1024x768, or maybe I need some different App. Thank you in advance, I hope that made sense.
That is because your TV is unable to run at that resolution...most home TV's are not able to run above 800 by 600...heck if you notice a ps1 only puts out 640 by 480...for example my old desktop on my old comp with a voodoo 3 tvout was set to 1024 by 768, but the tv out would automatically switch the resolution from that to 800 by 600.

if you want 1024 by 768 go buy a hdtv that'll do it heheh :)

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