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Tv-out on nvidia riva tnt2




I've got a pc with a riva tnt 2 in with a tv-out fuction it work perfect (the image) there are only 2 problems

1) I can't see anything on my monitor anymore and since the computer is in another room than the tv it's kind of hard to control :d is there a cheap way of getting arround this ? (another video card ect ect... ) ?

2) There is a loud hum on the sound I use the sound jack on the pc I connect it to a special scart-connection. The cable passes another pc (does this give the disturbence)

I'm thinking of bying a cordless keybord and a cordless mouse but is that possible since the pc is about 5 meter from the tv ?

For the image I use a composite videokabel
For the sound I use a Y adapter

both are from belkin gold series and are about 10 meter long

greetings Franky
not sure about another video card, there arent many PCI cards left. You could also try a GeForce 2 as they had the ability to display on two screens simultaneously, other GeForces were released without this feature.

Most cordless mouse/keyboard devices have a 6 ft limit, That is about 3 metres. Most do have a reciever with a fairly long cable, so you might be able to do it. Cant think of any other way to do it.


My Cordless Desktop Set works very good, also at a far distance but it depends on your batteries inside the mouse and keyboard.

Currently I can only view on one thing at the time, either tv or screen. I don't know if any geforce cards support multiple screens.

There is a matrox card which does. The scart cable shouldn't be the problem of the humming sound, maybe it's your soundcard



oke I know where the hum comes from

It's the speakers from the tv that are causing it :s

I guess that's because I have to turn the speakers up to olmost max to hear something ? The sound is at max on the pc but no difference??
how are you connecting the computer to the SCART cable. I would recommend using the lineout on your sound card if possible, or not using the sound out of your TV.

The Matrox G400 and G450 do Dual Monitor, but I dont think, unless your TV can take a VGA input, some have the option to, you can connect a TV to it.

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