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TV-Out and ASUS AGP-V7700 Problem



I have a ASUS AGP-V7700 installed and I want to use the TV-Out feature of the card. I have connect the TV-Out port of the card with a S-VHS cable (S-VHS connector - SCART connector) to my TV set. I get the picture on the TV BUT it´s black and white!!!
I have tryed both composite video and S-VHS output from the card.

Have tryed with two different TV´s and a VCR and I get the same
D*me result!

I have checked all the pins in all connectors and ports and all looks fine.

I am using Nvidias 23.11 drivers.

Please help me!!! :confused:

Forgott to explain that the chip on the card is a Nvidia 2 GTS.


you can set your monitor type in the properties of your vid card driver. is your monitor a pal type?


Yes it´s a PAL TV and I have tryed almost every possible combination. Differnt types of PAL , different freq´s and so on.
Hello, just wanted to say that I also have that card and the monitor out works OK. I am using NTSC format though, so the problem is probably due to some PAL setting.


Thanks for the reply and it´s good to hear that´it´s working for someone. But we dont have exactly the same card, the one I´ve got is a AGP-V7700/M64 and it´s a bit different from the one You got. I have also learned that even if you have two card with the same modelnumber on, they don´t necessarely have the same TV-Out chip on them:rolleyes:

I found a site in Germany and a utility that might help the situation. It lets you tweak a lot more setting on the TV-Out side of the card. I will get back when I have had the time to test it out.

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