tv as my 2nd monitor :)


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Hey...i finally got a s-vid cable cause i am broke and didnt wana buy one. Anyway...i know the quality isnt suppose to be that great but wow man. I can read a damn thing on the tv. Its like kinda blurry. Everything reads fine up too the login for xp. Is there anything i can do to make it better? The tv is only like 4-5 years old so i unno. Also i was gonna see if the tv is the biggest problem by hookin it up to my 30 somethin inch flat screen up in my livin room.


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I had it upstairs and it worked great. Only had problems reading some small things but other than that it was fine. guess u can delete this thread since its pretty useless :S


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TV's provide absolutely abysmal picture quality compared to even a nasty CRT PC monitor. One advantage to this is that badly ripped DivX's can usually look quite watchable on a TV-set. When I used to use my TV out I'd watch downloaded TV episodes on the TV (now there's logic for you!) in fullscreen, and carry on working away on the monitor :)

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