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2 Feb 2004
I just put together a ITX computer and was wanting to use the s-video connection to use my TV as the monitor. I just installed windows xp pro on the system and I'm wondering is there any tweaks or anything that might make it look better?
the resolution of tv's is way worse than monitors overall. I dont think theres any way to get a better resolution out of your tv (short of just bringing the resolution down thru the settings ie. 800x600)
Start at 640x480. A TV is only designed to do about 512x512. The phospors are too slow (or used to be). I haven't tried hooking up to a TV in 10 years.
It's just a bad idea. The picture quality of a television set is comparatively poor to any CRT or TFT display. The picture displayed on your TV will look awful on anything more than say a 6-inch screen.

S-Video outs are only any good for DVD/DivX/Video watching or possibly gaming. :)
I think the main difference is that a TV is designed to be watched from a much greater distance than a monitor is. At the avergae viewing distance of a TV the close resolution it lacks isn't noticeable.
Weird but I tell the kids off for watching TV as closely as I always sit at the PC!!
You'll burn the screen too coz a large proportion of the screen will have no movements.

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