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[Tutorial] Using Your Gmail Account On Msn Messenger


High On Life!
ok a lot of people that i know are asking me this, and maybe some of you guys online wanna do it to but never thought about it or thought it was possible so heres my lil tutorial hope u guys like it.

1.Have a valid Gmail account Ready!

2.go to www.passport.com and click on the register pic on the right side.

3. fill in all the details, except the check mark for sharing my email.(btw your password for msn doesnt have to be the same as the one u actually use for gmail.)

4.save your current contacts on msn messenger by going to contacts-->Save Contact List...

5.after it says that is has successfully saved the contacts list, sign into msn with ur gmail account, now a notifier window will pop up as if u recieved an email except it will say click here to verify your email. if u dont u can still use msn messenger but u cant change your online screen name so i would reccomend you do.

6.after clicking on the notifier it will take you to a page, and tell you to re-enter your password.

7. after doing that an email should come to your gmail account with a link inside that is needed to activate your account fully. click it and then your account will be verifyed, sign out of msn messenger and sign back in, Voila! you can now change your online screen name!

8.now to add your contacts into your new email click contacts --> Import Contacts from saved file...

9. Select the file that you saved from before and there you have it your new gmail account full with your contacts from your old email!

I hope this tutorial helped some of you who thought it wasnt possible to use a non @hotmail or @msn account with msn messenger!


High On Life!
i know, but many people dont know that, and the most type of email that people are adding you with on msn is @gmail so many people want to know how to do this


High On Life!
ok, alot of people would not know how to do it the way u just stated, remmber not all people are computer savvy like us that have gmail. my teachers have gmail. so that would take them a year by the way u stated it, alot of people dont even know how to save the contact list. and i am sure alot of the people here will agree with me


The way I see this whole thing is:

thermafia_69 tried to provide some info for our lesser computer savy visitors/members and the cow dumped on him.

Now cowman - please supply an icon in your signature so I can deduct some of your rep points for being a buttocks!!!:p


High On Life!
nope, thats why i said all the people also that dont have a @msn ot @hotmail after heny pointed out that its not only @gmail, which i knew but noticed that many people who are getting gmail wanna use it on msn cuz they see somone on their list @gmail and wanna do the same thing, so they come and ask me, so i made a tut for it! :D, u want a gmail acount im sure theres many members here that cant get rid of them like jewelzz and some others, search for the gmail invite thread sorry i dont have any right now

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