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I just picked this game up the other day. I didn't hear much good stuff about it but I remember playing the oldschool version back in the day. I finished it up this evening, and man was it fun.

Graphics are good, but an artistic good, not Bioshock good lol. The whole gameplay and everything is fun all the way through, mainly because its dino's and ****. The storyline isn't the worst thing out there, so thats good.

I think you guys should pick it up and play. Then we can maybe try online play.

Anyone already get it, what did you think?


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25 Aug 2004
Oh man, I remember playing the first one on my N64 when I was a kid. That game scared the crap outta me, haha.

This is weird... I was thinking about this franchise earlier today too, I was reminiscing about Turok 2, and the bug/alien level where you have to kill the queen because I was watching a episode of Nature on Ants. :p

Are you talking about the Original Turok on PC, or one of the more recent reincarnations?


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19 May 2003
This game is actually pretty good on PC. It's one of those games that critics hate and players love.

Not Bman

I am talking about Turok PC 2008 version, the latest thing. And you have a good point Petros, soo true.

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