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"Turn Off" computer problem



Hi all,
I just developed this weird problem with XPpro where the computer reboots instead of shutting down when I hit the
'Turn Off" tab. I've gotta wait till it reboots to bios then hit the main power button to turn off. annoying.:confused:


I've replaced my gf2400mx with a gf4ti4200 then loaded 3Dmark2001. Do you reckon one of these is the culprit?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
If that's when the problem started then I reckon so. How to correct it is another thing. :confused: Someone should be able to help you nut it out. :)

Did you remove the drivers for the 400mx? Have a look in device manager & see if it is gone.


Thanks for your replies Hipster,
My problem is that, I only 'noticed' that the computer started to do this, which doesn't mean that it started because of these changes. I have a habit of shutting the system down then immediately walking away, coming back sometime later to switch off the mains plug. and one day shortly after the new GC and 3dmark install I noticed that the comp was ready to log on to. I thought Doh!, turn it off, hit the off tab and thats when I saw it reeboot! I didn't really take notice of when it started and don't exactly remember, when I noticed that the comp was still on I thought I must have accidently hit the restart tab.So I'm a bit vague on exact details. GC is using same driver (40.72) so I didn't uninstall that, as I assume that its gunna be the same for all Nvidia cards.
No real probs coz I'm gunna do a clean install maybe with sp1 this time, I need to clean up a bit, just curious as to how to fix it.


I hate computers.

stupid thing now shuts down so I came back on line right away to tell somebody.

Now what's the bet that the next shut down in 30 seconds will result in a reboot:D


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Now that's how to fix a problem without fixing a problem. :eek:

Seeing as you are doing a clean install why not make a slipstreamed cd of xp with sp1? Easy to do. Here.
There's a link for nero & easy cd.


Don't feel bad. My machine started dying a slow death saturday, running real slow, twenty to thirty seconds to launch any programs. Did a defrag, disk cleanup and a reg clean. Even went out and got norton anti virus 2003 and did full scan. Still slow as S*^t. Finally started moving all my data to my spare drive so I could reformat when all of a sudden back to full speed. Have no idea what was wrong two days of troubleshooting and all was fine, but slow as can be. Then out of the clear blue back to normal,guess XP just had a little brain fart!


Thanks for that link Hipster, gunna do that for sure. But I'm only going to use my spare 12gig drive and leave my current 80G as is, to be sure. Then when I'm conviced that sp1 doesn't cause any probs with hardware and stuff then I'll image that on to the 80G, and I'll have the original image to play with. I'm always loading junk to mess around with, which drives me nuts (can't help myself), as I know that somewhere there is going to be conflicts and I'm going to have to re-install :rolleyes:
Speaking of which, I'd downloaded a game demo benchmarking tool called CodeCreatures, that has some of the most unreal graphics I've seen. I've got a gf4ti4200 that struggles to get 7-8 fps with this thing @ 1024*768. The water and grass effects look superb.
its a 40 Meg file, and the demo only goes for about 1000 frames if you choose the single demo.
If you download it you can see how all the junk on my comp cannot be making the computer run smoothly after a couple of months. (the benefits of cable!!)
But as I said last night, the next attempt at shut down resulted in a re-boot. AAAARGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!:mad:

I wish my computer would get over its brain fart mode at the moment, it does run super fast and smooth at the moment, but these uncertain shutdown/re-boot are driving me nuts! I think it's only about 20-30 seconds or so but it fells like an hour to wait and see if it's going to re-start,so I can shut it down with the switch.
Sorry about the long winded reply but I think I need a shoulder to cry on.

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