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From a local paper today.

Korean man dies after computer games binge.

A 24-year-old South Korean man died after playing computer games non-stop for 86 hours, police said yesterday.

The jobless man, identified by police only by his last name Kim, was found dead yesterday at an Internet cafe in Kwangju, 260 kilometres southwest of Seoul, they said.

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I started playing Tetris again the other day, on a gameboy... lol, gotta find something to do while the horses are eating :D


At a net cafe, huh? Let me guess, "Counter Strike", right?
That would make 3 death's that I know of within the past year related to CS, all in asia.
Two that were biological fatigue (lack of sleep/food/drink), and one murder because some guy at another PC at the same net cafe "sniped him" and was so inraged that he walked over and killed him.

I'm realy starting to wonder about the strength if human mentality...
The way this has been going on as of late, with all the supposid murders/theft/biological fatigue being pointed on PC/Console games as the cause, the more I'm seeing a chance that people will have to be screened for mental health before they're allowed to buy/play certain types of games.

I can see it now, ya walk in to buy SOF 6 and the clerk ask's to see your "VGMHV" (Video Gaming Mental Health Verification) card before he'll sell it to you.


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I don't know if I should laugh or shake my head......... sooooo Ill do both hehe :) How smart do you have to be to SLEEP!!!! where were this guys friends/family??! didn't they notice he handn't come home IN FOUR DAYS!!!!!


I think most probably he's playing some kind of soccer manager and finally after 86 hours of taking care of the club, he got sacked and feeling desperate, kill himself.

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