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Turbo Tax 2003


I just received my copy of Turbo Tax 2003 in the mail today and installed it. I had received the letter below last week in the Nov/Dec Turbo Tax Newsletter, so I was pretty anxious to see what happened. I ran both AdAawre and Spybot S & D right before installation and then again immediately after installation. I obtained a clean installation of Turbo Tax 2003 with no spy/adware installed. Perhaps this is one case where all the grief they received last year helped!

From the November/December Turbo Tax Newsletter:

In response to feedback from our customers, I want you to know that we're making an important change to TurboTax software and have removed activation technology.

The new TurboTax for Tax Year 2003 Software can be used fully on multiple computers.

Last year, some TurboTax customers were inconvenienced as a result of being prevented from using the software on multiple computers. While many of you had no problem, some of you did. And that's what concerns me most.

I want to personally apologize for any frustration you may have experienced due to the restrictions that came with our use of anti-piracy technology. I've talked one-on-one with quite a few customers, so I know this caused some of you considerable hassle and inconvenience.

You told us that you want the flexibility to install and use TurboTax on multiple computers, and we heard you, loud and clear. We responded back in May by committing to remove the technology from TurboTax for 2003 and now, we've expanded our license agreement so you can use TurboTax fully on multiple computers to do returns for yourself and members of your household. We've also made it possible for you to use your current 2002 version of TurboTax fully on multiple computers.

But that's not all. We're making the things you value most about TurboTax even better. The new TurboTax will give you even more confidence that your return is accurate and complete. We will help you get the most from your deductions. And the new TurboTax will thoroughly handle any changes going on in your life that affect your taxes.

Let me assure you that we are working harder than ever to earn your confidence and trust. This is, and always will be, of the utmost importance to us.


Tom Allanson, General Manager


Not sure if Adaware or Spybot would have caught it?
As far as I know Turbo Tax used C-Dilla that wrote code to the hard drive that could only be removed by a low level, not a regular format.
Let's hope it is really gone.


I had Spybot pick up CDilla while I was using Turbo Tax 2002 and just never removed it!

When I ran Spybot before installing Turbo Tax 2003 CDilla was present and I checked it (for removal) and removed it!

When I ran Spybot after removal and after installation of Turbo Tax 2003 - it was not detected.

I would never doubt you yoyo- as I too have always understood CDilla was a bugger to get rid of - so maybe it is not truely gone - but I know it did show up in SPybot before and it does not now!

Anything else I could check? Would a search for CDilla turn up anything?

Perris Calderon

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dy, these anti spyware programs are only what thier data base makes them

some of these companies can loby and get themselfs remooved from the data base, even though they are still add ware and spyware

for instance, eudora is no longer recognized as adware by adaware!!!!!

hard to believe

also, the worst program I have ever seen as far as add and spyware, incredimail is also not targeted by these security programs


dealer - I understand what you are saying - but if I run Spybot and it tells me CDilla is present and I delete it and then install Turbo Tax 2003 and run Spybot and there is no CDilla (using the same database in Spybot) it would tend to make me believe that Turbo Tax 2003 is in fact not copy protected by CDilla! Yes??
You guys are missing the point. Taxcut is cheaper and worked just as well for me last year after TT drove me away with copy protection and registration.

Actually Taxcut worked better. I had printer errors and critical updates that I couldn't install for a week that screwed me really bad with TT 2001. The user interface was easier too.

Let the newest dinosaur die with the rest of them. Switch to Taxcut.


I make a post trying to pass on some info on some changes made to a program this year verus last year and the facts I have come across - now there's poopie brought up about a program from two years ago - and what problems certain individuals had with their systems - aw the heck with it - ya'll know so much - why bother??

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