Tungsten E Hot Sync Problem


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Hi, I have not performed a Hot Sync for about 6 months and will not connect to the computer anymore. My palm was completely discharged. I have tried uninstalling the Palm Desktop and Hot Sync manager as well as resetting the device itslelf but it still wont connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
can you charge it now? i had the same problem with my clie... i had to recharge it, then hard reset before it would recognize it... all data will be deleted so make sure you back up your palm folder on your comp...


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Are you using Serial or USB? Have you configured the proper connection in the Hotsync properties?

I would do an un-install, as well as delete the files from C:\Palm. I am pretty sure that is the path, although it may vary. The uninstall still leaves files behind that you would want to delete to ensure a smooth re-installation where everything is re-detected properly. If it is USB, and you have the option, jack it into a new USB port as well.


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Thanks chief, I have already tried both of those options and nothing worked, im clueless as to what the problem could be.


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Create a new user profile on the system, give that a shot. The hardware/software should be independent to the user profile. If that works, copy the files from the old profile.
NO NO NO!!! i know what the problem is.... i think -- my clie did that when i was using a faulty usb hub... if you are using a hub, plug it direct, if not maybe your usb cable's messed up...


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Thanks for the help everyone, I have tried all the things you have suggested and it still will not work, new USB cable, new user profile etc. Could it be the Palm itself?
doubt it... it sounds like a connection problem between the two... don't know what else to recommend except that there is definetly something between your palm and the comp that is messed up...

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