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Tune Up Utilities 2006



If anyone is interested, well the new version has been uploaded to the site ready for you to try out. It's only available in German as of writing, well an English version I would expect be soon.

German Version

It asks for your email, just ignore it and carry on to next stage it will allow you to download the trial.


ming said:
2006? haven't even seen 2005 version come out. :p
It's good news they don't release updates and new releases weekly then every 12 months, like some companies that give out scabby untested software that is buggy and you need to keep updating.

They released version 97, 2004 and 2006, which says to me they care about what they produce and put a lot of time and effort into releasing a virtual trouble free software package.

I have been using it since January 4th 2005 and it has not required 1 update, never crashed, hung or caused me any grief what-so-ever.

I have already mailed them hurrying them up for the English version and upgrade pricing etc.

They are a good set of writers that some software companies should aim to follow.


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Re: Tune Up Utilities 2006 help me to find out portable version

ok i wanna some one help me to find a version of tune up utilites but portable version i wish i could this version ?! need ur help :yowch: thanks 4 ur attention

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