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Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
I am wondering why you can order tuna fish

when you want salmon you don't order salmon fish , when you order mackerel you don't ask for mackerel fish, nor when you order a flounder do you say flounder fish

why do you say tuna fish?
and don't get me started on "static electricity", electricity is moving electrons, it's not possible to have "static" electricity

what they really mean is "spontaneous" electricity, or "naturally generated" electricity but there is no such thing as "static" electricity
I'm not too sure. I guess it is just one of those things. Now I want to watch wicked tuna :)
Umm, you do order dolphin fish (aka Mahi-mahi).

Electricity is a generic term which is pretty much meaningless. The terms voltage (a potential difference) and current (moving electrons) are more meaningful. You can have an electric field (aka electricity) without moving electrons.

Now if you want to get upset about language:
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Umm, you do order dolphin fish (aka Mahi-mahi).


actually, that makes my point, a dolphin can be either mammal or fish so you would need to specify which dolphin you are talking about

same thing with white fish, you can order a bunch of white things including white meat so ordering white fish makes sense

however tuna, there is no other tuna but fish

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