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21 Jun 2002
so far these are the parts that I have order...give me some opinions and suggestions on the last two parts...

Thermaltake Matrix VX VD3000BNA Aluminum Mid Tower Case

Abit AB9 PRO P965 157.49

Corsair TWIN2X2048-5400C4 2GB DDR2-675 XMS2-5400 196.80 - 30 MIR = 166.80

BFGTech 7600GT 256MB 150.14 - 30 MIR = 120.14

Hiper 530W Modular Power supply 82.99

Mitsumi 1.44 MB and USB Card Reader Internal 17.99

Seagate 320 GB 7200.10 16MB Hard Drive 94.99

and lastly I can't decide on which Intel Core 2 Duo...the E6600 or E6400 (possibly E6300)

Also I'm probably going to buy this burner
Samsung Black 18X DVD Burner with Lightscribe 33.99

give me your opinions

btw I will probably be doing no overclocking...
The 4MB L2 gives the E6600 more bang for its buck.
leaning towards the E6600...I'm not going to be gaming that much (barely at all) but for the times I want to game I got a decent midrange card but I am thinking the e6600 will give me better bang.

I appreciate the opinions keep them coming.
going with what is in my previous post I have added the E6600 Core 2 Duo and a samsung 18x dvd burner.

all in all not that much money for a computer that should last me a few years, maybe small upgrades in that time like another hard drive or another budget vid card after the next set of budget cards come out with the g80 and r600 refresh.
Tuffgoing, I know you commented in my thread. As you know I purchased the E6700 and the other day I purchased the latest revision of the Intel board (975X). It should be exciting for both of us.

Good choice!
I can't wait...especially the jump I'll receive in encoding from my previous rig (see sig)...when I get all my parts I will post some comments about my experience.

And good luck to you matt!
well I ordered some stuff from Newegg and some stuff from zipzoomfly. Everything was supposed to be delivered today the newegg(UPS) stuff arrived, yet the Zipzoomfly(Fedex) stuff didn't. It was delivered, but not to me. so about 450 dollars worth of stuff is sitting at someone's house right now in my neighborhood.

Hell the stuff was even signed for!!!! Just not by anyone in my home. Also fedex didn't have much to say about it...they thought the stuff was at my house but I didn't see it. Like I made the mistake...ha...well this is my life and I'm pretty used to these things happening to me. I've had a great run of luck (sarcasm) and it continues...
Ouch. Have you attempted to track it down?

What did you order?
it was my Abit AB9 Pro, Thermaltake Matrix case and 2 gigs of Corsair memory. Fedex is putting a "trace" on it.
I would contact ZipZoomFly ASAP and let them know. Get them involved.
i did but I never got through to their customer service on the phone. Spent 45 minutes calling back and calling back and calling back. Then finally left a message and then an email.

I'm in awe right now!
Tell them you want a copy of the signature and the name of the signer. You should be able to get this off the FEDEX website I think.


Hmm, you may not be able to get it unless you have zippy's account number.

Have you checked for the yellow "we left it with a neighbor" sticky on or near the door? (Found one in the bushes once.)

Any chance a neighbor signed for it and then stole the sticky off your door? (I was tempted when a neighbor who was out of town new LCD TV got left with me.)

Other possibility is someone was hanging around your place and the FEDEX guy assumed they lived there.

No delivery service ever verifies ID. I've had stuff delivered to me while I was in front of the house dressed like an indigent while mowing and the guy just handed it to me and I signed. Probably still would have given it to me if I said "no habla engleez".

Why was I ranting about that? Oh yeah, new service. You can have the stuff sent to the local FEDEX neighborhood delivery centers. There's one maybe 10 miles from me. It sure beats doing the delivery van shuffle.
At some point you need to call your credit card company and explain to them what happened and that ZipZoomFly doesn't answer their customer service phones. Tell them you didn't get what you ordered and want the charge reversed. When ZipZoomFly gets a chargeback, you can be sure they'll call and get involved.
I harassed Fedex today and the driver went to the house that he delivered the stuff to and dropped it off...everything intact and not disturbed...big relief.

going to build little by little and then talk about everything when I am done and how it runs.

thanks for all the info and suggestions, man I love this forum...
Glad to hear it was all safe enjoy the build. Looking forward to hearing about it.
build done!! But no software or OS installed. Seems like all went well when I powered it up cause it has a small monitor thing that lights up with numbers and letters and it went through to where it looks for OS. But I'm busy and have work so the rest will have to wait 'til tomorrow.

My cabling skills are horrible and I have some work to do with that. also I cannot connect the front audio jacks cause Abit was really stupid with where they put the pins and it's back where the pci-e and pci slots are. Also I couldn't figure out the pins for that when I tried pulling the cable all the way over for the audio but it offers me HD and '97 for some reason. I might post the guides for my case and mobo so someone might be able to help me. (I'm not too concerned cause I have a USB headet so I wouldnt' even use it anyway.

Might post pics, but I'm strapped for time. Thanks again for the help and will post a little mini review when I'm done!
everything is built and set up. Some days are good some days are bad. This system is pretty unstable, and loves to have random restarts. I can't find a single blatant thing that makes this computer want to restart. Nothing stands out. Also I think it may have been a big mistake to go with XP x64. I don't seem to be able to get things installed in the right place.

I'm trying to figure out how to repair windows right now and see if that helps at all.

I'm lost and trying to fix this.
How are the temps of the rig?

Try loading XP Professional and see if you have these issues.
I think it may have been a big mistake to go with XP x64. I don't seem to be able to get things installed in the right place.

You mean you used the 64 BIT version of Windows?

Eww, bad idea. You know where my guess on the stability problem is. Change to a dual boot install with 32 BIT windows (I think there's a thread on how to around here somewhere). See if the stability problems go away. Or just drop in an old HD and install 32 BIT XP to that as a stability checkout.

PS Upgrades have become disappointing and emotionally draining in the last year or so which is why I have decided to stay with what I have now until I can't satnd the gaming performance anymore. The hardware and software is changing too fast and they never seem to reach a stable point anymore.

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