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Tuesday, November 9th


Act your wage.
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It's finally here! The day that brings us Halo 2 and Firefox 1.0! If you're walking through the city, or driving down the street and notice that nobody is around, then it's probably attributable to Halo 2 or Firefox. In fact, this will probably be a record day for fewest members online here at OSNN... which also means that chances are slim anyone will actually read this thread. May as well stop typing now...


Dabba Dooba
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yay for today!!! Today is also the day my gf should be getting off the montly which i can finally live the next month without her being all crazy :). Hmmm...what else is today? O i finished building my second computer this morning before school :). Have a great day everybody!!!
only the Firefox thing is nifty, the rest of the day sucks cause I have to code Java like some sort of Rabid Monkey to get this damn game finished

Electronic Punk

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I installed 7 DRAC devices, configured 7 UPS Devices, installed an IP camera, Temperature sensor, water detector, 2 new servers and sleep in a castle.

No Halo2 for me :(
Will play it at MS next week ;)

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