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Trying to isolate cause of Nero and Winrar problems



My Windows XP Pro installation has every current Windows Update patch and driver. Here's my problem: When trying to unrar a bunch of files into .cue and .bin files for burning a cd, instead of taking the 2-3 minutes it should take, it takes 90 minutes to decompress. Somehow related to this, when I try to burn any cd, it still works, but that also takes about 90 minutes instead of just 3-7. I was wondering if Intel Application Accelerator could be a possible cause before (as it was the last significant app I remember installing), yet I've not heard of anyone having any real problems with it. I wiped my C drive and did a reinstallation, sans IAA. Everything seemed to work just fine. For a while. I'd not added any non-standard apps and was naturally confused, so I did another rebuild and the very first apps I installed after the Intel Chipset utility (my mobo is an Abit TH7-II RAID) were Winrar 3.9a and the latest Nero. Same problem, but without IAA or any XP patches on the system. Since I use Winrar and Nero frequently for backups, this is unacceptable. If anyone can please help, I'd be most appreciative. Thanks.


not sure about winrar, but in nero do you have it set to burn only and not test?

either way, i know it shouldnt take that long. it shouldnt even take that long if you had a 1x burner.

post your system specs also. that may help out a little.


Everything's on the correct settings and it's worked before perfectly. Just did another complete wipe of the system last night and have installed everything else but winrar/winace and nero/cdrwin (problem isn't program-specific). And, on an interesting note, on a completely bare XP Pro install (no patches, IAA, drivers, etc.) the same problem exists if I just install winrar. IT was happy exploding stuff to any other format, save for creating .cue and .bin files in a reasonable time. (same results when i uninstalled it and used winace). Anyhow, here are current system's specs:

Abit TH7-II RAID P4 mobo
Lite-On 24x10x40 burner
Creative PC-DVD 6x
Creative Encore 6xr3/Hollywood Magic +
Creative Audigy OEM
3COM nic
GeForce 3 Ti200
80gb HD
40gb HD
30gb HD
8gb HD
512mb RDRAM

Hopefully, when I try installing Winrar tonight, it'll like .bin files again. And I know the .bin files it's trying to make aren't corrupt since i've used the same ones a few times already successfully a few days ago. Also, Norton Windoctor currently shows 0 problems, and the system works smoothly otherwise.
could it be a problem with XP handling CUE and BIN files, it might be trying to interpret them.

You could also try disabling XP CD Buring (its own app) I think you do this by accessing the Administrative Tools->Services
Then change IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service to stopped and manual. Doubel Click it, change it to Manual and Stop the service.

Might help but I am not sure.


Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check on that after I find my way out the winrar/winace half of the mess. Everytime one of those programs can correctly explode a .cue/.bin file, there's no prob with the burning. I'm checking a few other leads now too.

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