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Trying to choose an LCD


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I recently realized that I have been using my relatively new machine with a really old mouse, an even older keyboard and a screen that has a permanently burned in start menu. I bought a new keyboard a few weeks ago, ordered a logitech MX1000 and an icemat 2 today (can't wait to get that :D ) and now I'm thinking about buying a new screen to go with all this other new stuff.

I want to go with an LCD. My budget is 500-800$ (CAD). I really want one with a DVI input (as this seems like the only logical way to go since I have a vid. card that can do it). I'm looking for a good 17", or a 19" if my budget allows it.

I am finding it incredibly difficult to sort through the thousands of reviews available out there, and I really don't know who makes good screens as I haven't shopped for one in a long time. I have been to the stores around my house and all the screens look pretty crappy to me (probably due to split signals), so now I am even more afraid of choosing one.

Can anyone help me out with this? I know I'm going to buy one around Christmas (might even wrap it and act really surprised when I open it, then thank myself), but I don't want to buy something that isn't the best I could have bought.

P.S.: I do A LOT of gaming.


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I am interested as well.
Viewsonic makes good monitors, and there are some good deals on Samsung LCDs at www.newegg.com

don't really know much about them either, other than you really want a contrast ration greater than 500:1


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I would go CRT but I'm a nerd and I really want to say goodbye to analog signals forever.
But I guess CRTs are still a viable option even though I was hoping to gain some desk space.


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here is the best deal in my opinion you are going to find. I just ordered one today. it's a samsung sync master 17 inch with 600:1 contrast. and a 12 ms response time. how much you think you should pay? list price is 479.99 i got it for 357.88 with free 3 day shipping.
here is the link:
http://www.pcnation.com/web/details.asp?affid=305&item=E74183. this is the lowest price you are going to find on a 12ms 17 inch monitor worth buying. Only my opinion. Happy Hunting.

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Using a DSUB 17" 12ms one here myself.
Just to tide me over.

Was playing with a projector last night tho... bit of movies, Counter-strike source, got the snaps at home ;s
After reading reviews and checking prices I could only make one choice: Hercules 920 Pro DVI. DVI connection (duh), good price and good marks for gaming in tests. There may be better screens available now though, I haven't checked in a while.


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I bought an Iiyama e431s 17".
It's DVI and D-Sub , has a 16ms response (I play FPS and driving games at 1280x1024 with maxed out settings and it's sooooooo crisp with my 6800GT card :) )
DVDs and AVIs are flicker and ghost free. A fantastic piece of kit that I ordered in March, and eventually received in June (they were in very high demand).

Do yourself a favour and check it out :)
The Samsung 710T or 712 series is the best way to go. They have the best contrast ration and response time for their size. The LG 17" isn't to far off with 550:1 contrast ratio Then it's the Viewsonic 17" series with 500:1 or was it 450:1 I can't remember.
But I prefer the Samsung over the rest.

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