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Trying Opera :)


I may actually be insane.
As most of you know, I'm a hardcore Mozilla user ;) :p
But I'm trying out Opera for this week as some people seem to prefer this over Mozilla and I just wanted to see why..

All seems well so far, the thing thats currently bugging me, is that I'm used to opening new tabs by clicking links with the Middle Mouse button/scroll wheel, does anyone know of a way to do this with Opera?
Originally posted by SPeedY_B
I'm used to opening new tabs by clicking links with the Middle Mouse button/scroll wheel
I couldn't live without that middle-click! :D

I find myself middle-clicking and using Ctrl+T even when using IE on my dad's laptop ... only to realize it's not Mozilla.
Use the mouse gestures features to open new tabs.

Just right click in a webpage and make your mouse go down

to go back right click got to the left, forward go to the right, look inthe help thingier for mouse gestures saves time and energy IMHO



I may actually be insane.
NetRyder : Yeah, no middle click is driving me nuts :p Normally I'd have given up, but I'm determined to stick with Opera until next saturday.

Ice : I'd already stumbled upon the forward/back things, the right click+down is a new one tho, cheers ;)

I'll give the help a quick glance over, and keep on playing :)

[edit] Right, can now open tabs with the mouse, AND open them in the background.
I've added the NTFS.org Mozilla sidebar
I've got myself a spiffy theme
Imported all my favourites and sorted my links bar

All's well so far :)
well be careful

the right click down and to the right closes the page

the right click up and down real fast brings in storm troopers

the right click and circles shows secret UFO documents from the CIA on crop circles


rock on

The mouse gestures are my favourite of Opera, yes, especially the forwards/back and open new window/tab ones. I prefer to double click the empty background to open a new window though myself.

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