Troy Sucks...


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12 Apr 2002
I mean its bad... REALLY bad... especially if you have even half a clue about what really occured in the homeric classics...

/me gives it 1/2 star out of 5 OSNN stars... they did get the name mermadines in properly... even though they butchered who did what and when and who did and did not die :rolleyes:

save your money... watch something decent instead of this garbage... it has no resemblance to anything that actually is supposed to have occured in the epics...
LMAO - you actually expected a movie with Brad Pitt in it to be historically accurate?

It's a teenager/chick flick. All I expect is good action scenes, and at least some T&A.

So, how were the action scenes and T&A?

PS Welcome to Texas and BTW your location still says Tampa Bay.
It was never supposed to be accurate to the source, I don't believe it was ever said otherwise? its just the basis for a good old fashioned epic yarn
I though it was supposed to be really good.
Hmm.. should check it out this week.
It wasn't Fantastic but it wasn't too bad to watch. The action scenes and what not were really good. The movie did feel sorta rushed as in jumping from one thing to another. And it was a tad long but none the less it was descent.
If what Sazar says is true, it's going to be a shame. I was hoping this would be a good movie. Oh well...not sure when I'm going to get a chance to watch it anyways.
i saw it last week with free sneak peak tickets--- wasnt horrible but i personally didnt like it much either... haha i never knew the trojan war lasted a week or two =P
I went see it last Night and though it was Quality

I dunno anything about what was spos to happen so dont bother me :)
I saw it last night...thought it was very good. Very entertaining movie...which is what it's supposed to be!! It's not a friggin documentary! Enjoy it for what it is.
I agree

Toy did suck!! It was soooo cheesy and the acting was horrible. Instead of going with the actual story, the made up cheesy crap! Instead of having a Judgement of Paris, Paris and Helen were "secret lovers". How much more cheesier can it get. Brad Pitt can't act in this movie. He just stripped down and got rave reviews.
aagammenton wasn't kille d by her either, was supposed to ahve been posioned by hsi wifde.

A yway, it an enjoymable moive if you van look past the holooywood stuff and gerekk mythology.
I thought it was excellent, although somewhat limted by the writting more than anything else. I couldn't care a less how different it was fromt he source. Same people are going to be bitchin about I, Robot as well
I think I'd rather watch Tom & Jerry than Troy. Looks crap IMO. :p
Electronic Punk said:
aagammenton wasn't kille d by her either, was supposed to ahve been posioned by hsi wifde.

A yway, it an enjoymable moive if you van look past the holooywood stuff and gerekk mythology.

Some1 should stop of Computer when Drunk :p

Joke lol

Yes what Teddy said good movie if you just go to watch it and enjoy it not think about what should of happend :rolleyes:
troy sucks... its not what it was marketed to be... the characters have no resemblance to their counter-parts in the homeric epic and various hollywood-esque storylines that have been interjected do absolutely no justice to the movie...

a chimp would enjoy a pop-corn flick which is basically what this POS is... it is not an epic and it has nothing to do with troy...

it should really be called achilles in tight leather skirt tbh... calling it troy is just *******s...
Troy was great, i really enjoyed the way the captured the exact look and feel of the era. The use of the many historical artifacts from the time really paid of :D

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