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Trouble with Patch XP



Please pardon me, but first off I'm not very computer knowledgeable. Patch XP doesn't seem to be working for me even though i downloaded it & received conformation. when i download an unsigned theme/visual style theme it simple is not showing up in my Properities Display window. Is there any way i can see if I have Patch XP & what would happen if i tried to load it again?

It's quite frustratiing for me cause Patch XP seems like a great solution for using unsigned theme/visual style & works great for others.


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Welcome Dave. First thing. Do not have any other theme managers loaded. Even if you are not using them. If you have, unapply the patch, remove the theme managers & reapply the patch.

The theme you downloaded is it self installing or a manual install. If manual put the theme into this folder, windows/resourese/themes/your theme. Create it if necessary. Once it is there double click on the msstyles file. That should bring up the display properties where you can see the new theme & apply a wallpaper if necessary. Let us know how you go.


OK, i have some questions-

1) How do i go about finding out if i have any other theme manager patch applied (including Patch XP)? Sorry, but that what i'm stuck on. How do I go about unappling the theme patches & if i get that far do i download & reapply Patch XP again?

2) By the way, I'm actually using Windows XP Professional; i'm not sure if this might be my hangup? Please excuse my ignorance but in reference to theme patches & stuff is there a difference between home version & Professional? I thought to ask in playing safe.

I'll follow your directions in creating my own folder under themes for the themes that i download..........thanks

Thanks a lot..........Dave

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Doesn't matter what version you are using. Has the theme you downloaded got a *.msstyle file? If so double click on it. If the 'display properties' box pops up the patch is working. If it was done right then running the patcher again will give you the option to reverse it.
If the theme does not have a *.msstyle file then it will not work.
Don't worry about the patch until you try & apply the theme. Let us know what happens.


I’m assuming that when you say a theme with a msstyle file you’re talking Microsoft style file? Obviously I must not have been downloading a msstyle theme because with Patch XP my understanding is that Patch XP enables me to use non-Microsoft themes. If by chance you are suggesting for me to try a msstyle file theme & see what kind of results I get I’m not sure where to go to download a theme msstyle file. I’ve been attempting to run themes from belchfire.net which I believe are non-Microsoft themes.


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Firstly, welcome to XP-erience.

.THEME = theme
.MSSTYLES = visual style

Not all .MSSTYLES come with a .THEME file. You want to make sure all your themes/vstyles are in:


Programs such as StyleXP and PatchXP allow you to use non-Microsoft themes and vstyles (as you stated).

If you are running StyleXP (or other similar programs) or have it installed you either need to disable it or uninstall it (I recommend uninstalling it) before you use PatchXP.

If you are running an OEM version of XP, you need to perform one other task to make PatchXP work. Search for any file named "uxtheme.dl_" and rename it to "uxtheme.bak" (make sure you hit them all) then run PatchXP again.

Documentation: http://www.xp-erience.org/comments.php?id=327&catid=2

Make sure after applying the patch that you reboot so the changes take place.

If Windows File Protection pops up, click cancel. WFP sees that you have made a change to a system file and it instantly wants to repair it (but doing this will restore the original uxtheme.dll and disallow you to use third party themes/vstyles).

Good luck.
You want to get themes that are made for Style XP, this is what the patch was made for, so if you see a theme at belchfire that is for Style XP, it should work as long as u put the theme in the correct folder.

hope this helps



It appears as though to me that i somehow still might have Style XP in my system which of course isn't letting Patch XP to work. I uninstalled Style XP & even did a search (in all folders) for Style XP, but came up with no files, yet when i double click & try to run a "Windows Visual Style" theme my Display Properities pop up & i still have "Windows Style XP" under my appearance tab. Someone suggested looking in DOS wich i know nothing about; anyone willing to walk me through to search for & delete Style XP in DOS or is it really time for me to throw in the towel LOL


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Try this.

Reinstall StyleXP then proceed to set everything back to default, the way it was before you installed StyleXP the first time.

After doing so, uninstall StyleXP using Add/Remove Programs in the control panel.

Go to C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes and delete all of the StyleXP themes/vstyles.

Reboot and try PatchXP again.


Same results, still says "Window Style XP" in my appearance tab. I really should give up by now on this.

Thanks all...........Dave

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