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trouble with local network



i'll start with a list of hardware and how things are setup:
-3 computers running XP Pro and 1 running linux (not a problem [i don't think])
-all the computers running on the internet though a hub, each with their own ip assigned by dhcp
-only 2 of the 3 xp machines ever networked locally.
-replaced hub with switch; none would network
-restored hub to current network and now none will network

i've changed NIC's, hub/switch, cables; been through network setup wizard many, many times. it just refuses to work and there's absolutely no apparent hardware problem other than the switch (dhcp problem) but that's out of the game now.

if someone has insight to this local network problem, i'd greatly appreciate the help. xp's networking so far has been a nightmare.
OK sounds like a problem. A few things before we start:

1. Wher does the DHCP come from? Is it your ISP or a local router? Many ISP:s only allow one IP.

2. Have you tried without the Linux? There is a (small) chance that the Linux is running a DHCP server. Make sure it's not (unless that's where the IP:s is supposed to come from).
3. Does the IPCONFIG print-outs look OK? (Default gateway, IP, subnet mask)

4. The "won't network" part. Is it Internet or Windows file sharing or both that don't work?



-DHCP is handled by my ISP
-there is no DHCP server running on my linux system

The "won't work" part is the local network. it just refuses to find the other computers on the local network.


Make sure all pcs are the members of the same workgroup, and they have the same subnet masks on TCP/IP;
also, try installing a protocol like NetBEUI (or IPX) for within LAN communication, since it will handle that type of connection probably better. The only problem you mihgt have, is that hub does not give any security. And since I would guess you want to share files, IPX and especially NETBEUI are pretty insecure. So a router would be much better in your case, and this way you would not need a separte ISP assigned IP, for which you probably pay extra $$.



-they're all using subnet mask
-they're all using the same workgroup

i can try netbeui. i remember 2k wouldn't network without it but xp did network before with just tcp/ip.

as for insecurity, well, each system has its own firewall so generally it's secure. only someone who really know what they're doing could harm it.


If your using a software firewall on them, disable it. I had a problem in 2k with software firewalls, and had to disable it to get it to work. Try pinging the local host of each machine,

Also try pinging all the computers in your network by computer name from one machine, do that on each machine.



k, it works now. f-in pos. i had to install nwlink netbios protocol crap manually.

ps, wyse is my dad. i first posted using his acct.

thanks for the help everyone.

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