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trouble with explorer.exe



Could someone help me?
I'm running WInXP Corp. and got an big troublr. I have 256MB SDram and a PIII 800MHz. This must be suffisant normaly for running XP. But it goes so slow the last week. I found out that my explorer.exe was using more than 60MB to run and found that this was a "little" bit too much for being normal. Could someone tell me why it's using that much and how to solve the problem
It will be difficult tracing what's making Explorer gobble up your memory without an idea of what kind of software you've installed. Has it done this from day one, when you didn't have anything else loaded? It may be normal depending on what's using your shell program.


Reply to Lonman

When i installed it didn't make any problem Xp, but now it does.
I'm actually running Norton Systemworks (nortonprotect 6MB), WINMX (uses 6MB) and Internet Explorer (uses 15MB) but then i got 4 times svchost.exe (each time something like 4MB, but don' task me what it is) then i got some other exe's running but i don't know what they are. i you can tell me how to make a printscreen of it I can maybe send it to you.
Explorer is actually running correctly then. 15mb is not too much for this program.

So all of your running processes are currently using 60mb of physical RAM. that's not bad. Why your system is slow I don't know but it probably has something to do with a program you've installed.

To do a printscreen you can hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, open paint (Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint) Select the pull-down menu "Edit" and then select "paste." Then you can save the picture (use .jpg it's a LOT smaller) and you can attach it to your post.


Hey Lonman he said Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe) was 15 megs. He wants to know what the deal it with explorer.exe.
Yeah, he PM'ed me. I don't know why it's hogging memory. The real issue is his machine has slowed down a lot. He told me his Physical memory load is topping out at something like 155. I told him that was cool, mine tops out around 270 on idle, but I got more memory then i need (1.5gig) at the moment.

Somethings definantly got it's hooks in his IE. My guess is something like yahoo or aol, but i didn't ask that specifically - good catch btw Zip.

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