Trouble with an internal IDE-Zip Drive



I am trying to get an ide Zip drive to work. Since all the onboard ide ports are full, 2 hdd's, DVD, CDRW Burner, I picked up a Promise ATA-66 pci controller card. XP picks the card up just fine with no conflicts. Zip drive is also picked up but as a scsi device. My old parallel showed as scsi, too, so I don't know if that is a problem. My trouble is that when you first start up the computer and go to Win Explorer, you can read what is on a Zip disk, but after that you cannot refresh what is listed. Change a disk and it will still show what was on the first disk. Shutdown Explorer and try new disk, still shows the first one. Copy a file to a new one, it will show it adding to the original. The ONLY thing that will get a different listing is a total reboot. I an running 4 in 1 4.37 but NO ide Busmaster driver and NO mini-port. Just ZP's Via ide driver and the AGP update and the 4 in 1 .inf. Anyone else run into this?
Tried all above but no go

I could not get the Zip to work on the Promise card at all, same problems as posted. But, I tried the Zip on my secondary ide on the m/b and it works fine. So I just moved my DVD and Plextor to the Promise card and they work fine off it. The DVD is a Mode 4 and the burner is a mode 2. Tried them both as masters on seperate channels but the burner seems to prefer being a slave to the dvd (kinky, huh). Had an old 6.4gig Quantum so I stuck that on the secondary. So lets see now, 3 hdd's, 1 Zip, 1 DVD and 1 CDRW, plus a pci USB card and the onboard USB all living in harmony WITHOUT acpi enabled. I am pleasantly surprised. I even installed the Serious Sam 2 demo on the 6.4g and played it to the end without a hickup.
Hmmmm, now what can I tweak????
the promise card and the mobo raid channels do not accept cd-roms or zip drives. You can only connect HD's
Actually the Promise card will work just fine with the Zip under ME and 2000. in fact it IS working just fine with the Zip now that I dumped XP and went back to 2000. This problem and the incompatibilities with InCD finally irritated me enough. I will wait for a Service Pack or two before I try XP again.

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