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Trouble falling asleep and waking up

I have my eyes closed, tossing and turning this way and that, for usually about 20 to 30 minutes before I fall asleep. Somtimes, it can get worse by taking an hour to fall asleep. When I go camping or something, my friends seem to fall asleep within 5 minutes (snoring and stuff). I'm the last to fall asleep. My father seems to fall asleep when his back touches anywhere (lol)... zzzzZZZZZ

I have trouble getting up as well. It is like I feel so tired, and I need more sleep. When you see in TVs or movies where the person stretches and opens their eyes and they seem very fresh and alert? Well, my eye lids weigh tons, if you know what i mean.

If only I can feel the other way around.

Any advice?


Dabba Dooba
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lol...my friends say drink a lil alcohol to fall asleep. I have problems too and its not helpin with my broken collar bone and that my times r getting fooked up cause of school.
Yep.... I have the cure. Go see a physician and tell him/her you are having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Tell them that you want a prescription of Ambien. It is the best for a GREAT night's sleep. and you don't have that hangover effect that you do with tylonel PM or unisom. make sure you get 7-8 hours sleep. It will be the best sleep of your life. My 2 cents.
i use to take hours to sleep but now i can sleep faster b/c after work im dead tired and i am knocked out real fast. but when i don't have work it takes so much longer so maybe you should exercise/work before going to bed. or get natural sleeping pills (not the ones that are bad for you)
Alcohol ruins a good nights sleep. You may fall asleep but you'll wake up too early or sleep fitfully. The same is true for most drugs (perscription or illegal). Even barbituates will screw up your sleep quality by leaving you groggy.

Stop all caffeine drinks (even decaf drinks still have 3-5 mg per serving in it).
Avoid chocolate also it has caffeine in it.
No sugar after 8:00 PM.
Do not game until bedtime, stop an hour early and do something else, surf, read, watch TV.
Light exercise earlier in the evening will help (except for the collar bone) avoid it just before bed.
Do not lay down in bed until you are ready to go to sleep.
Make sure you have room darkening blinds up or the early sunlight will disturb your sleep.
Use ear plugs if your place is noisy.

That's the basic insomniacs primer. Hope it helps I've been fighting it for over 10 years.

The other possibility is that insomnia can be a warning sign of depression, but that's for waking up too early and not being able to fall back asleep.

PS It can take up to a week to purge out the caffeine. Medications can be even worse. It took me two weeks to come off the guiffenesen I took for my sinusitis.
It definitely sounds like you suffer from insomnia. For years I had issues and I still do. I took Ambien for awhile until I stopped because I was tired of having to take it. I still suffer from insomnia but I just find other methods including meditation and relaxation techniques to help me fall asleep.

I would definitely recommend you speak to a physician but I would advise you try and find simpler methods (ie natural) to help you before using even approaching Ambien. Ambien is not the "perfect" drug, IMO. Ambien also should not be taken all the time.

Ambien is a hypnotic. I'm pretty sure it's listed as a controlled substance, as well. You will not achieve "normal" sleep regardless as to how they market it. It's more like someone just flipping a switch and you are no longer awake and then when you do wake up someone flips the switch back on. In the beginning I would fall asleep quickly and wake up immediately and full of energy. Over time, however, I found myself having problems waking up and I also experienced sensitivity to bright light. Also you have to take into account the interactions with other medications as well as alcohol that you might experience. It, obviously, wouldn't be a good idea to go out on a Friday night and get drunk and come home and take an Ambien.

No two people react exactly the same to a medication so things might be different. I would avoid Ambien, personally, if I had other better, safer, and non-medicinal options.

Leedogg also makes a good point. Both your mattress and/or your pillow can have an enormous impact on how well you sleep. I use a white noise machine and always have a fan running when I sleep, as well.

Good posting, LeeJend :)

Thanx for all the replies. I really rather not take medications for this problem if I can help it. So I'll try some of the natural ways suggested here first. I don't know if an average of 30 minutes to fall asleep is considered insomnia, although it is relatively too lengthy to be considered normal.

It doesn't matter whether I had a hard day or not. For some days, I feel dead tired and I think, "Boy, I'll definitely fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed tonight", then when I lay down, I find myself staring at the ceiling again. :(

Quite frustrating.

Hope your suggestions help.
Thanx again. Time for me to distribute some reputation points. May your scales tilt.


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Personally I've found these tips to help me fall asleep at night.

Don't lay in bed for longer than about 15-20 mins before falling asleep. If you can't fall asleep then get up and do something else for a while and try again.

Don't use your bed for anything other than sleeping in.

Don't eat or drink anything for at least an hour before bed.

Don't watch anything that will get you wound up before bed.

Take a bath in the morning rather than in the evening if it wakes you up and makes it hard to sleep.

Spray some soothing scented room fresheners (like lavender) on your sheets.


Dabba Dooba
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i sleep pretty good last night. it took me about 15 min and i woke up to the alarm instead of turing it off in my sleep when it went off. So i should get better with the next few weeks since my times will be once again fooked up cause of the 5 day weekend cause school people r stupid bitchs

Evil Marge

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Blade195 said:
I have my eyes closed, tossing and turning this way and that, for usually about 20 to 30 minutes before I fall asleep.
Wish it only took 20 to 30 mins for me to fall asleep.
Every single night I'm awake for atleast 2 hours,always been this way since being a kid.
Hubby's out like a light soon as his head hits the pillow :mad:

Electronic Punk

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I have the same problem, I often have so many thoughts running around my head - is even worse if I think of something just as I am getting in to bed.

But I don't wake up tired, well thats a lie, but I don't suffer cos of it :)


Blade195 said:
I have my eyes closed, tossing and turning this way and that, for usually about 20 to 30 minutes before I fall asleep.

Any advice?
Sounds like a stress problem, does the top of your head hurt when you touch it, the crown of your skull!
Do you after finally falling asleep wake up a few minutes later hyperventilating?


I'm sorry Hal...
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Me, I can fall asleep anywhere at the drop of hat! :) .... always makes passengers in my car nervous though.

Its lucky I don't wear a hat.... i love sleeping....

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