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I dont know if this is the right place to put it, so if it isnt please move it to the correct location.

I was just wodering if anyone here uses Trillian. If u dont know what this is, its a messenger program. Instead of having msn, icq, yahoo, and mirc open, u can just have Trillian, which is all of these. If u want to switch over to Trillian and are currently using icq and msn, when u instal Trillian, it will give u all of ur contacts back when u put in ur username and password.

I think its a great program, what do u guys think??

Yes, your contact lists are stored on the server, not on your hard disk, so Trillian will get the contact lists from the server.

It's a nice program for basic instant messaging, but it lacks some of the more advanced features of the individual IM clients like MSN and AIM.

Give it a shot, and see if you like it. I used it for a couple of weeks, but now I'm back to using the individual apps.
I use Trillian. It's really good. It can't however use the ICQ server side contact list. But it can import your contact list when you install Trillian. Server side contact list is planed to come, hopefully soon.


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I have tryed it 2 times but i always go back to Msn. Not really sure why, i think its because i think msn is more simple!
I use Trillian, I love Trillian.

If anyone lately has problems with signing on, if you do and then the program shuts down, contact me, I have a patch for it :) ( Not warez, legal patch )

Dirk Diggler

I too use Trillian, one app opened up is a lot better than four. It does however have a small problem with AOL, when I talk to people on AOL through Trillian, sometimes they reply via AOL's AIM and vice-versa.


I have Trillian Pro v1.0c - It's a nice little prog .. I use it mostly for AIM and MSN, I use ICQ client for ICQ ..


I really like Trillian. True, it may not have all the advanced features of some of the individual messengers, but I never use em anyway, I just chat. Besides, Trillian has a few nice features of its own, especially in the pro version.


Geffy - im pretty sure u can turn the emoticons off. Trillian has a lot of them. it even has more if you install skins.

i love trillian. i am a Fire user (OS X) and have not even installed the official AIM or ICQ client on my new PC. i dont use the "extra features" its a chat app for crying out loud. it does file transfers when the need arises, and thats the only "extra feature" i care about. i wish that the developers would add support for the @mac.com iChat names. there are numorous threads on their discussion boards about the @mac.com names and it seems like they dont want to address the issue. or they just dont want to put the time into adding support for it. but yea trillian is great, i am using the Microscopic skin which is very nice.
I dont really mind the other ones, I just loath that lol one, I think I am going to have to reshack it or something to get shod of it


The emoticons for the original skin are in C:\ Program Files \Trillian \stixe \plugins \TP16Emoticons-16x16 \ . You might could go in there and jack what you need and do some picture editing for you other skin's emoticon files.
Any time I try to copy and paste a path into the chat window, it cuts it in the oddest places. Anyone know why? Example: D:\Program Files\Trillian\stixe\plugins\TP16Emoticons-16x16

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