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The Donger Need Food!!!!
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Don't know how many people here use Trillian, but I have used Gaim for a long time and the newest beta just won't work for me so I have had to go back to Trillian. Well my one biggest concern was that it felt like Trillian was bloated somehow.

I'm not sure how many people will want to do this for trillian, but since I never use the AV plugin (that usually makes my system startup hang) if you go into the Trillian directory, go into the user folder and find plugins.ini and change the av plugin setting in notepad from Enabled=1 to Enabled=0 the av plugin never starts and makes Trillian startup a lot quicker.

Hope this helps someone.


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My contents of plugins.ini -

company=Cerulean Studios
description=This plugin implements A/V support for Trillian.
name=A/V Engine
picture=C:\Program Files\Trillian\plugins\image_cache\plugin-av.dll.png
Looks as if "noload=0" may already do the trick? No string of enabled in my file at all...


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He listed above to have Enabled=0 to have the A/V plugin turned off, so by that logic it should be noload=0 which already have, but have never touched or tweaked that setting before.

Electronic Punk

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noload=0 would be not noloading tho? or loading? :eek:
Or am I just having fun with double negatives, will check my setting when I get home ;D


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I guess plugins.ini might look different for different people. I am using Trillian Basic. Are you using Pro kc?? that might make it different.

I'm just pumped cause after finding this my system doesn't hang at startup and Trillian seems to run a little faster.


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I was using Pro.

It was set to 0, I made it 1, the plugin still loaded. I'll play more later when I get home.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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Mind my asking what doesn't work for you? Although there are several smaller bugs (especially with the UI) I haven't come across any that keep it from working.
well I'm using x64 which I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but if I clicked on a buddy to talk to them I immediately got a frozen message window with an error saying Gaim has encountered a problem bla bla bla and that it needs to close. I love Gaim but since I got the av plugin to stop loading in Trillian I'll just go with the one that works.

I'm also glad to have finally started a thread worth people posting. The last few I started were I guess snoozers and made people fall asleep or something. :dead::laugh:


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I don't think Gaim is compatible with x64 (or fully compatible). Too bad too.
sadly I found that out too...too bad. I just want an easy not bloated multi-protocol IM client. I'm surprised at the lack of them out there. AdiumX sounds cool, but it's only a mac program.

That's what I'll be using when I get my macbook after the c2duo refresh.


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OK I pulled an EP and deleted the plugin as well as took away its references in the .INI file - Trillian loads in like half the time now :D


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You need to go into the users folder and tweak plugins.ini not the ini that is in the plugins folder

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