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Trillian Substitute?


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Could anyone recommend a Trillian substitute? I want to be able to access ICQ, MSN, and Y! using one program ... but I don't want to use Trillian. I've tried GAIM ... but it's too buggy on the Win32 platform ... at least it was the last time I used it. I was using a Jabber client that had extensions for ICQ, MSN, and Y!. JAJC was great ... but I haven't been able to use JAJC since the admin shut down the jabber server due to lack of interest. Perhaps anyone here could recommend a good public jabber server? Thanks in advance.


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Did I say GIMP? I meant GAIM ... The Win32 versions of GAIM were still too unstable the last time I used it. I've edited my first post to what it should be.
I've found myself going back and checking newer versions of programs even after they screwed me in the past. Maybe it didn't like a piece of hardware you had before or something, and now the newer version could be better.

This works in reverse too, as in "I HATE WINAMP NOW". :)


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I just tried the newest version of GAIM ... it's stilled fubar'ed. This has been on 3 different Win XP machines now.

I tried Miranda ... great concept ... but no cigar ... it still seems to be in early stages of development ... and not mature enough to be very usable.


What is wrong with Trillian? It works well for me. Gaim isnt to bad but Trillian seems to be better. And with the Micro skin takes up hardly any desktop space.

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