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ok im running trillain but it WILLNOT inport my ICQ file list i have uninstall icq and trillian to try agian with no luck i have posted about it on he trillian form with NO luck
Well, of course the obvious answer is to just add each one individually. I know it's a pain, but no matter how many contacts you have it can't take that long.
no the real ansewr is to say FOOK trillain LOL
Trillian did import all my contacts from all im's. But no software works perfectly for everybody in every situation every time.
ok got it ti import my icq :) but i cant send any files in trillain ? but i can recive anyone have any ideas ?
You need to disable xp's firewall (on both ends - yours and the person you are communicating with). Sometimes this works, sometimes not. It's the same with all IM's, not just Trillian. You may just have to send the files by email.

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