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Yeah its nothing new. I did not find any feature worth while at all.....
The newer versions of Astra have a lot of new features, cool features that I wish worked for me (The Don't because I have a cracked copy, because I wasn't accepted to alpha testing). The newer versions of Astra may be great, and very Vista-esque, but when the hell will they release it, its not even in Beta testing yet, and I feel like it has been 2 years since they put up that stupid teaser page about it. Frankly this is getting ridiculous. Release Astra already!


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I would love to use Digsby, for the many IM, Social networks, emails you can add. Yet it runs at 120,000KB+, WTF is with that?

I don't trust Digsby, you have to create an account just to log in and add your IM services. They say it's to monitor your settings and carry them from computer to computer, but I don't trust it since they'll also be tracking your passwords ;)


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Well, if im gonna use something that looks like it belongs to XP I'll use Trillian v.3
The point of astra other than the numerous mostly useless apps you can use with it, is that it's very shiny :)

I'll try digsby tho.


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Sure computer systems have enough RAM, but does the RAM usage of Digsby not bother anyone here?
My laptop has 4 gigs, so I don't really care. Ill end up shutting off the facebook thing and the gmail thing, simply because its annoying though.


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I use a new client called "dontuseanytypeofinstantmessangingclientsanymore" - very resource friendly :p

I tried Astra awhile back, kinda bummed it's taking this long to hit RTM tbh.


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I use a new client called "dontuseanytypeofinstantmessangingclientsanymore" - very resource friendly :p

I tried Astra awhile back, kinda bummed it's taking this long to hit RTM tbh.
Yea, once the release the stupid thing I'll probably switch back to that, but until then, its digsby i guess. I mean how long could it possibly take to release astra... its in working order now and for the last year or so, yet they don't release the beta yet...
fitz: sadly you were almost a week behind with the troll. i already said that i'd prefer Pidgin in post #26.

Vanq: yeah... i probably will too. looks pretty nice.


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Well I guess I should say that I am an alpha tester. If you want my thoughts on it:
On one of the versions, they fixed the damn memory leak that was annoying... it was horrible to have trillian astra running for 4 days and my system was lagging just to realise the memory size that used to be 25-30 MB went to 415MB. Sadly though, it will still rise, but it will reach a limit of like 95MB.

It still glitches like all hell (But hey, its alpha, right?)

Though, one thing that needs fixing is the stabilizing of Chat messengers. When they went to like build 55 or something, there has been an issue where IM's would randomly lose connection and connect back. That is annoying.

Also there is that weird glitch where the MSN plugin will not have the different statuses work correctly as in if I put an away message with an away status sign, if I go away from it for like 30 min and come back and use the system, instead of just turning off the idle on MSN and the afk time on the other IM's, MSN takes off the idle AND the status, but all other status signs and messages stay the same. In example:
I am not here - away = MSN
later becomes
I am not here - Online = MSN
I am not here - Away = All other IM's

It isn't ready to be beta yet.
Though it does look interesting on Vista since it will use the Aero effect on it.

Oh, and skin themes still suck on Trillian Astra. Most of the Themes don't make a change to the text in most of the IM's which can be a bother for if you have blue and say you use Yahoo IM where someone is using blue text... well... you'll either have to highlight it to view it or change the skin to something that will let you see the blue text.

Highlighting can suck as well as it auto-copies what you highlight in the IM window (Thus, moment you let the click go, you lose the highlight), but doesn't do it in the typing window. However, the pasting in the type window can mess some people's text settings up as it still tends to change to the style that it was when it was on the chat window. But, if you copy from say a web page and paste it over to the chat window, then it usually just uses your text settings.

Overall, it is looking good, but I do agree that for something thats been worked on for 2 years, it is rather annoying that it is only at this point. But since its at build 83, it makes me wonder that if it gets to build 100, will it go into beta status?

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I'm an alpha tester as well but ditched it a while back for the real MSN client + MSN Plus addon. Trillian was going great til some updates broke other things and such, at one point it seemed to be getting worse then better.

That's when I realised I only use MSN so I went bacl to the actual MSN client instead.
I am liking Trillian Astra a lot. I haven't had as many bad problems with it... Although, I haven't really been digging all that much. I don't use very many of the extra features. Mostly just the instant messaging here and there.

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