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Could anyone recommend a free alternative to Trillian? I hate having to open clients for ICQ, Y!, and MSN. I've tried GAIM many times and many versions of it, and still it isn't very stable. I also do not want a jabber based messenger. They work great, but I really just want a simple, usable alternative to Trillian.


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For those of you who want to have Yahoo! support with Miranda get a plugin to do so HERE. But even after doing this I was not happy with Miranda, back to GAIM for me.
Does any of the multichat messengers have the ability to allow you to use Yahoo Chat meaning go into a Yahoo chatroom with voice?
On a similar note, do any of these have the ability to use MSN Messenger's webcam feature?
I know Trillian supports Yahoo's webcam feature, but everyone I know is on MSN, so I'd like to use that instead.


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vern said:
Any others? All of them seem to have a problem with connecting to Yahoo!.
any problem connecting with Yahoo! is probably down to the port - I changed Miranda plug-ins default from 5050 to 119 and it hooked up right away, working like a charm now...


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The joys of thread resurrection. As mentioned in the first post, He found Trillian to be unstable, not to mention it's a heap of crap.. that's just y opinion though :p
A little know program called Odigo was good back in the day but I havent herd much from it in a couple years. I still have it and use it from time to time but I got sick and tired of dealing with multi IM incompatability that I just use all the cliants now.


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myself? I just trust opinions on this board and Miranda seemed to win - plus I hate anything bloated or with large footprint - Trillian suffered that accusation


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You are suppost to be able to chat with people on aim with icq also. I could'nt get it to work though.

My personal opinion is that trillian rox. I just wish they would come out with more skins, and make the emoticons more compatible.


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SPeedY_B said:
You can talk with AiM->ICQ and ICQ->AiM.. I did it without any troubles.
It did'nt for me dude. I put my aim buddy names in and they would'nt show up as being logged on when they were. I figured it was still beta so I just dropped it.
the AIM ICQ intercompatability only works on the most recent pro build and the last handfull of lite builds of ICQ and also reuires one of the more recent builds of AIM to work as well. Meaning you cant use the older less bloted 4.x builds of AIM.

Also all clients you wish to speak to must use a compatable AIM/ICQ client as well. So even if you downlod the latest version of AIM/ICQ if your buddys all are still on older builds it will not work with them.


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maybe try trillian pro. I know it's a bummer that it costs $, but from what I hear from friends that use it, it's alot more stable....personally, I love trill. haven't had any problems with it since the "h" version came out...*knock on wood.
did hafta change some port settings though.

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