Tricky Excel question - a nutty one


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21 Mar 2002
Hi guys.

I have two spreadsheets. One of them has a whole range of data, with about 2000 rows and 20 columns. The first column is called 'Code' and each piece of data in this column is a 6 digit number. They are all different.

The second spreadsheet is very similar but has 3000 rows (and 20 columns like before). Again, the first column is called 'Code' and is filled with 6 digit numbers. Now, many of the fields in this first column are identical to those found in the first spreadsheet.

Does anyone know of a way for me to open to the second spreadsheet (the one with 3,000 lines) and have Excel check to see which of the fields in the 'Code' column are already present in the 'Code' column of spreadsheet 1 and automatically remove them, leaving me with the remaining 1,000 unique lines that are only present in the 2nd spreadsheet?

If anyone can help that would be awesome. :) Thanks.
Ah it's ok, I got my IT guys to do it :) Not sure how, but I have what a need.

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