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The Donger Need Food!!!!
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ok so I'm a nerd and I watch american idol. this thread will either die off if this isn't true or hopefully I'm right and it will continue on.

I'm watching literally 2 minutes ago and this guy named Christoper Knoll gets on and raps this awful song he made up. I'm looking at him and thinking he looks an awful lot like this awful comedian named Chris Wylde. Chris Wylde had a tv show on Comedy Central and appears as a guest on a bunch of shows like 'I love the 90's" on Vh1 and stuff.

Well I think it was him and he actually got Paula Abdul to give him a vote to put him through to the next round!

If that really was him and he was being a jerk and actually got a vote to go on to the next round I'm going laugh my cheeks off.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
Political User
well I'm not all caught up in the show but I wanted to see if anyone else saw it so I went to the forums on the official a idol website and people were talking about it there so I think it's true...now I wonder if he was planted there or really tricked them

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