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Tribes 2 Installation Troubles


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Installation Troubles

I am trying to install the Tribes 2 setup file. I have already obtained my CD key, however it wants me to go verify it or something before the installation will continue. My defualt browser is Opera. I tired setting it as Internet Explorer and the problem you can see in the screenshots persists. I did what they said and made a specific association for .aspx to be opened wtih Internet Explorer and no improvement.

So, here are the shots of the problem:


I also tried installing .NET framework again and opening the page beforehand.

Thanks a lot in advance,
Trizum :)


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ActiveX settings could be the problem. are you running a firewall or any other app that would block or mislead the install?

personally...gamespy network is bad. it loads too much junk on your pc and spyware or adware seems to float through.

BTW...set your I.E as default through the windows program access..and turn off
your other browsers.


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this worked for me (win2000)

i had a similar problem when trying to install... the first message had slightly different text, but the second was the same. i have avant browser installed and i think the problem is that it (like opera and any other browser) messes with some of the windows default internet settings.

the only thing i had to do to get the install working was by going to Internet Options->Programs and click on the 'Reset Web Settings' button (according to M$ you might need to reboot, although i didnt need to)

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