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Tribes 2 > Desktop

Tribes 2 just crashes to desktop and I have no clue why; of course. I have a PIII 733 w/ 384Ram Windows XP Pro and a GeForce 2MX/400 w/ 64Ram- I get onto a server and play for about 5 minutes and all the sudden flash - right back to the desktop.

Someone know what is going on- please let me know.

I just ran the game in Windows 9x/ME Compatability Mode; i was just reading my clan forum and after 5 min. I was booted to my desktop. Is there anything else I can try?!?

I also tried Windows 2000 (SP5) Compatability Mode and I recieved an error and I will shortly post them when I get ahold of MDSalih.

Here are the Error Pics:

This is the exact order in which they are seen. clicking click here brings up the last window which is seen at the bottom.

"+" I only get this error running compatability mode w/ Windows 2000 (SP5)
Originally posted by DarkSiege
Uhh...you got broken links man...I can't see the pics
Well you got me when I was updating them- they are fixed now...


I think I figured out why its crashing- I have an mp3 script loaded into Tribes2 and it plays my mp3's during gameplay.
Others I know have no problem with this though...

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