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Trend Setters!~ Vent



I notice the big trend these past couple of months on the internet, computer magazines, and boards has been SPYWARE. Everything is about big brother reading our e-mails, watching what sites we go to, and what we send and recieve. I dont understand what gives companies the right to SPY on you and see what you do. I don't feel anyone has a right to spy on anyone, that makes them just as bad as hackers. I mean if you don't want people using e-mail for personal reasons, then block e-mails, I mean isnt that what ARP Tables are for. What gives large companies the right to spy on users secretly and see their habits of internet surfing. I know that I and most average users don't pay attention to what goes on with their systems, we simply wish to enjoy it and go on our daily lives. Everyday you find more and more things that just annoy you, MS updating your system automatically, Creative taking info on your computer and sending it somewhere, spyware in Kazaa and aim. Yes most of the programs installed are free, but that doesnt necassarily give the company right to not inform its customers what it is doing. Im very sick of seeing big brother getting information from me and giving it to advertisements, stupid pop-ups, spam, and other companies. Just my two cents!


Here's how the spying works. Big brother has a super computer that is connected to the internet. This super computer looks for key words used in a conversation such as: the president name, the word bomb, and the word white house. If the super computer picks this e-mail or data being transfered that has these words in it, then it's flag. The person running that super computer looks at it to see if it's a threating type of data. If he determines that it is just casual talk then he deletes it. and goes and does something else until the next one is flagged to be look at. Now if you keep getting flagged for having conversations with these words then they will monitor you. Also if they determine that it's a possible threat there you will be monitored. The problem is, is once your on the list it's hard to get off the list. But your not monitored all the time unless your on this list. Do you know how many man hours it would take to monitor everyone all the time? Also your phones and faxes are monitored in the same way. They can even see what your doing through your tv and your cam on your pc! But that's only if your being monitored. Did you know they can turn on your pc through your electric line and suck out the info without you knowing it? Thats why you should turn off your power strip when not using your pc. Or go to www.grc.com and download socket lock which will block this. Well anyway again I will say you only have to worry if you did something to make them monitor you.

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